(97) DeGress’ Battery

Wilbur Kurtz’s Archival Description:

(97) DeGress’ Batter – Position of Battery H, 1st Illinois Light Artillery, commanded by Capt. Francis DeGress – July 22d, 1864. This battery was captured by the confederate forces of Manigault’s brigade, Hindman’s Div., Cheatham’s Corps – late re-taken by infantry of the 15th and 16th Corps.

(DeGress Ave. – west side of street – at the top of the grade where street turns to right)

Newspaper Description:

Position of Battery H. 1st. Illinois Light Artillery commanded by Captain Francis De Gress – July 22, 1864.

(De Gress Ave. N.E., Just north of DeKalb Avenue.) (F-6)