(98) Col. Stephen Harriman Long – 1784 – 1864

Wilbur Kurtz’s Archival Description:

(98) Col. Stephen Harriman Long – 1784 – 1864

Who, as Chief Engineer of the Western & Atlantic R.R. of the State of Georgia

May 12, 1837-Nov. 3, 1840 located the site of Atlanta

On July 4, 1837, Col. Long began the survey for the State R.R. between the Chattahoochee and Tennessee Rivers – the first bench mark being located near Pittman’s Ferry in old Milton, now Fulton County.

After running a series of trial lines, the corssing of the Chattahoochee was fixed at Bolton and toward the end of the year the survey was extended to this point in Land Lot 76 where the terminus of the railroad was established.

This locality forthwith became known as terminus until Dec. 23, 1843, when the name was changed to Marthasville. On Dec. 26, 1845, Marthasville became Atlanta and under this name it was incorporated Dec. 29, 1847.

(On Wall of Union Depot).

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