(69) Battlefield of Peachtree Creek – July 20, 1864

Wilbur Kurtz’s Archival Description:

(69) Battlefield of Peachtree Creek – July 20, 1864

About 2:00 p.m. the troops of Brig. Gen. John Newton’s div. of the Federal 4th Corps, having crossed Peachtree Creek, took position on this hill-top – Blake’s brigade east of Peachtree Rd. – Kimball’s brigade west – Goodspeed’s and Spencer’s batteries in the road, and Bradley brigade in the rear of the artillery.

Here they were attacked about 4:30 p.m. by Bate’s, Walker’s and Maney’s divisions of Hardee’s Corps. Bate’s attack east of the road began the battle of Peachtree Creek.

(S.E. or N.E. corner Peachtree and Brighton Roads. The markers on Spalding place nearby are wrongly placed. Howell’s battery could not have been there with an entire Federal division on that hill; I carefully explained this to the late Clark Howell – to his satisfaction)

Newspaper Description:

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