(114) Terry’s Mill Pond

Wilbur Kurtz’s Archival Description:

(114) Terry’s Mill Pond

In the low ground south of this road the impounded water of Sugar Creek was known as Terry’s Mill Pond – 1842-1870. The mill, which stood some distance down stream, was burned by Reilly’s Brigade, Cox’s Division of the Federal 23d Corps, July 27 1864. It was rebuilt after the war.

(On Glenwood Avenue, one mile east of East Atlanta P.O. – where Glenwood crosses Sugar Creek – near Walker Monument.)

(My understanding is that a number of these East Atlanta markers will be setup by DeKalb County organizations — Kurtz)

Newspaper Description:

(114) Site of Terry’s Mill Pond. Severe fighting here during battle of Atlanta (Near Walker Monument) (G-7)