(100) Site of the Battle of Atlanta

Wilbur J. Kurtz’s archival description:

(100)   Late afternoon, July 20, 1864, Brig. Gen. Gresham, commanding 4th div. Federal 17th Corps, was severely wounded while pressing the attack on Wheeler’s Cavalry, posted on Leggett’s Hill. From this point, July 22d, Gen. ,McPherson watched the fighting in the valley of sugar creek where Walker’s div. of Hardee’s Corps, C.S.A, was attacking the 16th corps. A few minutes later, McPherson rode forward and was killed one block southward where his monument stands.

(Hill-top where Murphy Junior High School now stands)

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(94) Joseph B. Jennings House

Site of the Joseph B. Jennings House – Maj. Gen. Samuel C. French’s head- quarters during the siege of Atlanta, July 22 – Aug. 25, 1864, Gen. French commanded a division in Stewart’s Corps.

(Southeast corner Fair and Chestnut – about 100 feet south of Fair – east side of Chestnut. This is across Chestnut from More-house College Campus)


(93) James Austin Jett House

House site of the pioneer settler, James Austin Jett – 1824. Site of a fort in line of city defense works during siege of Atlanta, July 22d – Aug. 25th, 1864. Occupied by Capt. Henry Cuibor’s Missouri battery, Storr’s artillery battalion, supported by infantry of Stewart’s Corps.

(Hill- top west side of Chestnut St., between West Pamter St. and Carter St.)


(92) Capt. James A. Hoskins Fort

Site of a fort in line of City defense works during siege of Atlanta, July 22d – Aug, 25th, 1864. Occupied by Capt. James A. Hoskins Mississippi battery, supported by infantry of French’s div., Stewart’s Corps.

From this point extended, in a southwesterly direction, an additional line of fortifications constructed July 28th for the protection of the two railroads entering the city from West Point and Macon.

(Northeast corner Ashby and Fair Sts., S.W.)


(87) Humburg square

This area, bounded by Alabama, Pryor. Whitehall and the railroad was known in the late ‘60s and ‘70s as Humburg square. It was largely vacant property and was rented to traveling circuses, medicine shows and auctioneers with dubious merchandise.

(Locality sufficiently indicated in text of tablet)


(85) Storr’s school

Site of Storr’s school (colored). This was a large frame structure built by the Confederate Government on the Candler Bldg. site, for a commissary office. Removed to this site after war and occupied as a school until 1923.

(here Fair st. crosses Peters st.)


(83) Capt. John B. Rowan Fort

Site of a fort in the line of city defense works during the siege of Atlanta, July 22d – Aug 25th, 1866. Here was posted Capt. John B. Rowan’s battery of Maj. John w. Johnston’s artillery battalion of Stevenson’s div., Cheathams, later Lee’s Corps.

(Georgian Terrace Hotel or Shrine Mosque)


(82) Lt. Gen. John B. Hood’s Headquarters

Wilbur Kurtz Archival Description:

On this site Lt. Gen. John B. Hood, commanding the Army of Tennessee had his headquarters from July 25 to Sept. 1, 1864, during the siege of Atlanta by Federal forces. 

(Southeast corner – Whitehall and Old Hood St., now Eugenia St. Filling station occupies this site at present) 

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(81) This point, at the left of the Federal Army of the Tennessee

Wilbur Kurtz Archival Description:

closing in on Atlanta was intrenched and occupied night of July 21st, 1864, by Smith’s, formerly Gresham’s div. Of the 17th Corps.  

At 1:00 P.M, July 22, Cleburne’s and Maney’s divisions of Hardee’s Corps, moving up Flat Shoals road, attacked the flank of Smith’s division here, capturing the 16th Iowa regt. Of Hall’s (3d) brigade and 2 guns of Battery F, 2d Illinois Light Artillery.  

After a severe contest, Smith’s div. Was driven northward and re-formed on the south slope of Leggett’s Hill. 

(on a grass plot – Texaco Filling Station – Glernwood & Flat Shoals Ave.) 

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