(38) Battlefield of Peachtree Creek – July 20, 1864

Wilbur Kurtz’s Archival Description:

(38)     Flags Captured – Battlefield of Peachtree Creek – July 20, 1864.

            About 3:30 p.m., Gen. Geary posted the 33d New Jersey regiment on this hill as an outpost to his main line at Collier Road. Such was the suddenness of Loring’s onslaught that the 33d was overwhelmed and barely escaped capture. John E. Abernathy – 27th Alabama – seized the New Jersey State Flag, which was later carried into Atlanta and jubilantly displayed as a trophy.

            (On high hill south of Collier Road – the hill is west of Tanyard Ranch and is crossed by a line of steel towers and power lines)

Newspaper Description:

38. Battlefield of Peachtree Creek. Point of assault on 33rd New Jersey Regiment by Confederates. South side Collier Road at power line steel tower. (D-3)

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